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Job Seeker Visa for Belgium: A Simple Guide

Belgium isn’t just about exquisite chocolates and captivating architecture; it’s also a land of opportunity for ambitious job seekers. Our guide, ‘Job Seeker Visa for Belgium: A Simple Guide,’ is crafted to help you slice through the red tape with ease.

We’re here to turn the often-daunting visa process into an exciting first step towards your professional dreams in the heart of Europe.

Do You Need A Visa To Do A Job In Belgium?

You need to obtain a work permit if you wish to work as a foreign employee in Belgium under an employment contract. Citizens of countries other than the EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway are subject to this regulation.

To live and work in Belgium as a non-EU or EEA national, you need to apply for a work permit. 

You must apply for a long-stay visa and then a residence permit with employment rights to enter Belgium.

Is It Possible To Work In Belgium Without A Visa?

Citizens of the EU, EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway), and Switzerland do not need to obtain a visa or work permit to work in Belgium. 

Furthermore, nationals of the following countries can obtain a residence and work permit in Belgium without first applying for a visa:

  • United States
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

Work Permit Types

Work permit type AYou must have held a type B permit for four years throughout your ten-year stay in Belgium to be eligible for this work permit. Type A permits are good for indefinite periods.
Work permit type BYour company must apply on your behalf for this type B permit for a specific position (that cannot be filled by a Belgian or EU national).
Work permit type CIf you are a temporary visitor or an asylum seeker with a non-permanent right to stay in Belgium and want to work there, you will require a type C permit. It is valid for a year.

Work Visa Requirements In Belgium

The following documents are necessary for a work visa in Belgium:

  • Passport: You must obtain a valid passport.
  • Work Authorization: You must be working in Belgium before applying for a work visa. The work permit will allow you to live and work in Belgium.
  • Health Insurance: To apply for a work visa in Belgium, you must first secure health insurance as a foreign worker in the nation.
  • Medical Certification: You must demonstrate that you have no health conditions that could jeopardize public health.
  • Accommodation Proof: You must demonstrate that you will have a place to reside in Belgium.
  • Evidence of Financial Ability: You must show proof that you can afford to live in Belgium.
  • Criminal Record: Proof that you have no criminal history.

How Do I Get A Work Visa In Belgium?

The following is the procedure for obtaining a work visa in Belgium:

  • Find work in Belgium.
  • Make an application for a work permit. 
  • Request a work visa.
  • Journey to Belgium.

Step 1: Look For A Job In Belgium

You must, of course, have a job as the initial stage in the process. You can hunt for work on Belgian job portals online.

EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal, is an excellent starting point. Before you apply for a work permit in Belgium, your employer must present you with an employment contract.

Step 2: Apply For A Work Permit

You have the right to apply for a work permit once you have been employed. You can apply in person at the Belgian embassy or consulate in your home country, or your employer can do so on your behalf at their resident authority.

Step 3: Obtain A Work Visa

The work permit permits you to live and work in Belgium, but you must come on a D visa. You must apply for a long-stay visa before moving to Belgium, and your company must apply to the Belgian immigration office for your work permit.

Step 4: Travel To Belgium

Once you have a job and a long-stay visa, you can travel to Belgium and apply for your work and residence permits at the local town hall. After four to five years in Belgium, you will be granted permanent residency.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Work Visa In Belgium?

A work visa can take 8 to 10 weeks to obtain. It is dependent on the company you will be working for and your employer, as he must apply for you.

How Much Does A Work Visa To Belgium Cost?

The work visa cost €180. This cost covers all forms of long-stay visas. The fee is per person and is paid by your employer when you submit your visa application to the Belgian Immigration Office.

How Do You Obtain A Work Permit After Entering Belgium?

After you arrive in Belgium, you must register with your local government or town hall in the foreigner’s registry. Then you must fill out an application for an ID card and produce your fingerprints

After you have met these conditions, you will receive your identity card, which will serve as your residency permission. 

Furthermore, if you are a professional worker with the necessary qualifications and wish to work in Belgium, you must apply for a Belgium Blue Card.

Can I Bring My Family?

Yes, you can bring your family with you if you find a sufficient home for yourself and your family. You should be able to demonstrate that you are financially capable of supporting them.

 Your family members must apply for a visa type D for family reunification at the Belgian embassy in their home country.

How Long Can I Work In Belgium With A Visa?

Most European countries issue a one-year work visa. However, in most of them, you can extend it.You can renew your work visa at your city hall’s Immigration Office.

After five years of living and working in Belgium, you will be able to apply for permanent residency or a work permit type A.

You can work and live in Belgium indefinitely with a work permit A as long as you have a job there.

Belgium – Highly Qualified Worker

If you have a higher education degree (or equivalent), an employment contract for at least one year, and earn at least 100% of the average gross annual salary (in Flanders, this is reduced to 80% if you are under 30 or a nurse), you can apply to stay and work in Belgium as a highly qualified worker.

If you meet the requirements, you will be awarded a single permit for residence and work as well as a long-stay visa type D.

Please keep in mind that you can also apply for a single permit as an executive if you meet the requirements. 

For additional information about this special category, visit the website of the relevant regional authority.


To apply for a single permit, your employer or his/her agent must present certain documents, including proof of administrative fee payment. Your application is reviewed by the appropriate regional authority as well as the Federal Immigration Office.

The regional and federal authorities must decide within 90 days.

If the regional authority provides you permission to work and the Immigration Office permits you to stay, the Immigration Office will issue you a decision to award a single permit (annex 46).

If one or both of the authorities fail to make a decision, the Immigration Office issues you a certificate to grant a single permission (annex 47).

If one or both of the authorities reject your application, you will be issued a decision to refuse a right of residence (annex 48).

Visa D

To receive a visa D for travel to Belgium, show your annex 46 or 47 and international passport, as well as a visa application, to the Belgian diplomatic or consular post nearest to your place of residence.

The authorities get your fingerprints as well as a digital photograph.

By entering your reference number and the location of the diplomatic or consular post, you can check the status of your visa application online.

Documents Requirement

To apply for a work and stay permit, your employer or his/her representative must submit the following documents:

  • The completed and signed application form
  • Documentation of evidence relevant to the job
  • A copy of your employer’s or his/her agent’s identity document
  • A copy of the job contract or secondment letter
  • A copy of your contract with your overseas employer (in the case of secondment) 
  • A copy of your higher education degree; proof that you are not entitled to Belgian social security (in case of secondment);
  • A copy of your passport
  • Proof of sufficient means of subsistence (if required)
  • A certificate attesting to the absence of any convictions for crimes or offences under common law.
  • A standard medical certificate
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of payment of the administrative fee

Further Requirements – Single Permit

After arriving in Belgium, you must register with the municipality of your choice within 8 working days.

You will be issued a temporary residence document (annex 49) while the authorities conduct the residence check.

If the residence check is positive, the municipality gives a single permit (A-card) for a specified time.

Duration Of Validity Of Permit

The single permit for highly qualified workers is valid for the duration of the employment contract, up to a maximum of three years. The permit is renewable.


If the regional authority rejects your application for work authorization, your employer has 30 days to appeal the decision to the competent appeal body. Within 60 days of receiving the decision, you may file an appeal with the Council of State.


As we wrap up our stroll through the avenues of Belgium’s job seeker visa process, remember this: Your journey towards a thriving career in Belgium is a blend of preparation, patience, and a dash of daring.

Armed with the right knowledge and our simple guide, you’re set to embark on an exciting professional adventure. Dream big, plan well, and get ready to make your mark.

Happy Venturing!

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